Let’s do nothing to tackle mental health stigma


One in 4 people will suffer from a mental illness at some point in their life and I want you to join me in pledging to do absolutely nothing about it.
Quarter of the people you know will suffer at some point from depression, stress, anxiety or other mental illnesses, and half of them will have manifested their symptoms by age 14.
Usually people suffer in silence, or may not even accept they have such a problem because of the stigma attached. They do not want to tell people at work, or at home as they don’t know what the reaction will be, or what the consequences will be.
We need to work together to get rid of that stigma, and negativity, so that someone who has a genuine illness is in a position to be able to solve their problems, get treatment, and the professional help that is required to be healthy again.
One way we can make this possible is by doing absolutely nothing, by which I mean, if you do have a friend, loved one, family member who comes forward with a mental illness is to

* Not Judge
* Not think less of them
* Not assume they are lying
* Not to tell them to just get over it, think happy thoughts, be more positive, or man up
* Not to worsen their suffering through the perpetuation of this stigma

So by sharing this post, by creating your own post, by sharing the graphic that goes with this and by pledging the above words we can actually help the situation of those who do suffer.


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