How To Talk To Your Family About Your Anxiety

“I’ve dealt with hard things. My son had survived stage 4 cancer. But now, my daughter has anxiety,” Nancy* said while wiping away a tear. “And [dealing with] this has been so much worse.”

Anxiety wreaks havoc on the whole family. It makes people sensitive, impatient, and irritable, causing conflict and insecurity. It causes them to need each other intensely, and push each other away at the same time. It sucks gobs of energy, exhausting everyone, and significantly cutting into any fun. And it eliminates joy from the day.

Anxiety is one of the most intense feelings that you can have, yet it is totally invisible. People who suffer with anxiety often feel misunderstood by their families and communities, and defending themselves only causes more conflict. The internal battle these people face also causes more insecurity. And when paired with the isolation that ensues, anxiety creates a downward spiral.


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