Welcome to I am 1 in 4

I am 1 in 4 has been set up to provide help, resources, peer support and avenues to find professional help for anyone who needs help with mental health conditions, whilst also working towards tackling the associated stigma.

The site will aim to be a mix of videos and articles to help communicate the key messages in  user friendly manner. There is already a wealth of high quality information on the web, so this site does not aim to replace them but to provide links to the best of that content (for which we need your help) and to supplement that content with some of our own in areas we feel strongly about and can add the most benefit.

As mentioned, an important goal of this site is to help tackle the stigma around mental health. Given the scientific findings around the causes and nature of such conditions it is no longer acceptable to perpetuate this stigma. It is important that we all join together to chip away at this stigma until the weight of feeling in society places the negative stigma on those who judge people dealing with mental health conditions, rather than the reverse.

We are always after people to help on this site and associated social media feeds. This can be done in a variety of ways:

  1. Help contribute content to the site
  2. Start your own blog within this site, covering the subject from your own perspective
  3. Forward links of content from across the web that you have found particularly helpful for us to direct other users to
  4. Help push and promote our site on social media
  5. Help generate or help evolve ideas for this site

To begin, please fill in the poll below, this will help us prioritise the creation of content that is most desired.

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We have many future aims for this site and community which we have yet to launch on here, so with all of your support I strongly believe this can become a very valuable and helpful tool and a power for good.

I hope you find this site useful and interesting, thank you