Mental Health Consultation

Mental Health Consultation


Individual needs

The inherent complexities of any business and the nature of mental health means it is not always easy to know what you need to do or how you go about tackling this issue. A one size fits all approach does not quite do justice to the nature of the problem. This is where we can fit in with our mental health consultation service to help hone in on the most important aspects for your business and create a strategy and set of tools that you can then use to successfully implement a meaningful employee wellbeing programme.

Situation Analysis & Goal Setting

Any large undertaking for a business will require a thorough situational analysis and full understanding what you want to achieve and what you want the end result to look like. We have a number of tools and tactics to best understand your business requirements. Depending on your needs we may use one, some or all of these tactics, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Senior manager working sessions for background and understanding your objectives
  • Staff Surveys to gain insight throughout the business (and add measurability further down the line)
  • Staff focus groups and 1-2-1 sessions to ensure high quality qualitative information

Strategy & Tactics

Once we know where we currently stand and where we are aiming to get to, we can formulate the best strategy and set of tactics to help achieve this strategy. We would want this to leave you feeling satisfied that you were doing the correct actions, meeting legal requirements, doing best by your staff and making a meaningful impact on your business.


Once we have gone to the lengths of all the background research and creating a strategy we need to be able to agree KPIs. These will differ depending on the exact nature of the project but may include:

  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Increase in staff productivity
  • Reduction in accidents
  • Improved satisfaction scoring on staff surveys


We can help with much of the implementation of your strategy. However throughout and especially at this stage it is vital that there has buy in and good engagement with senior managers. If the strategy is to be a success, the management team must be behind it fully and live and breath the outcomes over the coming months and years.

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What They Say

“In sharing his journey, Tom has really helped open my eyes to the important subject of mental health.  I greatly admire how Tom was able to overcome his own challenges and communicate with clarity, transparency and sincerity to help us understand the role we can and should play.  Moreover, leveraging his business and leadership experience he really helped bring about change.  Our work with Tom was both meaningful and impactful and I would like to express my gratitude, both personally and for the business.”

Chris Webb
Global HR Director, ITW Automotive

“Toms courage to tell his story to the masses, share ideas and educate the team have been so impactful to me and the whole work force. It takes a special individual to open up and tell their story and encourage others to come forward. His is one worth listening to and one that has taught me a whole lot.

We’ve learned from Tom in the past 12 months. He’s made us so aware that it’s okay not to know exactly what to say but it’s not okay to say or do nothing at all! His story has been a tidal shift in how we as a business approach mental health. Not hiding from the topic and opening our eyes, ears, minds and hearts to something that 1 in 4 of us will struggle with.  I am personally grateful for Toms effort to lead by example and share his experiences and remove the stigma around mental health.”

Jon Hartman
Vice President & General Manager,  ITW Construction UK & Nordics


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